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2011 Yamaha YZF R15 may be easy on Pockets

Many a time’s news is a rumor before it turns into reality. According to industry clued people the new updated version of the Yamaha R15 for 2011 will be easy on pockets and this could raise the excitement level for Yamaha followers. The price of the new 2011 R15 may be brought down by Rs10,000.

The 2011 facelift of the R15 cues to the Yamaha YZF-R6. The new 2011 R15 in India will be similar to those found in US and UK, with sporty split seats, redesigned tailing with LED tail lamp. The rear will receive new tyre hugger and flatter and beefier rubber. The 2011 Yamaha R15 will be in its best shape with 10 spoke alloy wheels, larger looking silencer and replacement of rear number plate that falls in the same pattern found on most of the sports bikes. Most of the changes will be seen on the visuals, the powerplant will remain the same generating 17bhp @ 8500rpm.

This is the right time for Yamaha to rectify all the visual flaws on the R15 as its there are more entry level sport bikes offered such as the Kawasaki Ninja 250R and the Honda CBR 250R.

Apart from R15 Yamaha is also under process to bring 250cc street bike based on the FZ-16. This 250cc motorcycle will be using rear discs and pricing may settle at Rs13,000 which is expected to be launched in mid 2011.

We can see brighter future for Yamaha in India as they are under process to get powersport scooters to India that may be priced at Rs60,000.

The Insights

Yamaha had to take an aggressive call to maintain its market impage for producing faster machines. With new models from Honda and Kawasaki, Yamaha is face-lifting it’s YZF R15 and is also making it cheaper for 2011. If Yamaha India really gets this little sports machine out on the roads, it will be a grab for Yamaha lovers and for all those who want to reach closest to performance of race bikes.

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29 Responses

  1. Hey.m purchasng diz bike in th mnth of march.pl pl let meh knw wethr itz gna launch in march or nt…..if nt dn il dfintly purchaze da old model special edition…….bt i jst pray to god dat da 2011 version shud launch in march nly

  2. I would suggest you to wait for some more time. The updated 2011 is far more better in visual appearance than the old one. We expect Yamaha to announce it any time from now.

  3. hey. i was very interested in r15 but backet out due to its mileage. do you think that its mileage will improve after the updatation? and what should be the onroad price after the updates?

    • banik,
      R15 is overall rated best even for the mileage in its category. You won’t find such mileage in 150cc segment. Hope, you have just heard rumors about the mileage. I am sad to say that I don’t own R15, because I am waiting for new release, but my friends claims that they have got around the 40 in city.

  4. The pricing may fall down by 10K and the engine receives no updates hence it will be with same fuel economy.

  5. Guys do u really this that Yamaha is gonna launch this bike after the devastation what JAPAN has seen past few days??
    Is this really gonna effect the bike to release in INDIA?? Any idea guys?

    • The 2011 Yamaha YZF R15 launch wouldn’t be affected with the mass devastation in Japan. The bike would be launched as planned by the company.

  6. Lijo,
    Any idea on the launch of this machine?


    • Unfortunately Yamaha India hasn’t disclosed the date of the launch of this bike as of yet. However as and when they come out with the date, we would let you know. Do stay tuned to our website for more dope on this.

  7. Folks,
    Even, I am waiting the new release of R15. My most of the friends have already bought old model of R15 as they failed to wait. In my case, since back from 5 months, I have been waiting and waiting because I have more patience than others :). But I am afraid, whether my patience would break down….
    In the Nepalese market, 95% people believe that new R15 is just a rumor and rest are waiting for new release. I guess, they are late due to the incident that happened to Japan. (Just my guess)
    If there is any news, please update. I hope they are working with great effort to launch soon but is there any way to give pressure to the Company to release soon? :)

  8. i had booked my r-15 in september. my dealer said that all productions of the r-15 had been stopped at that time and a new version may be released, been waiting ever since. it’s been 7 months!!! yamaha should keep us updated atleast on it’s new releases!!

  9. I think Yamaha India should come up with the statement. I have been waiting for new Yamaha R15 since past three months. I think Yamaha India is not denying the reports not agreeing on it shows that something is in pipeline. If they disclose it, competitors will know it. If they don’t then Fans will get hurt. So they are in a dilemma.

  10. Disclosing it doesn’t hit their market by the way… In fact it makes its competitors re-think.
    There is something else thats going on, for ‘em not coming up


  11. I m waiting to book my R15, but these kind of news is making me think and wait for some more time. But now my patience is running out. Can anybody say if there is any news of the official launch, coz wen i asked my dealer in Bangalore, he said that there are no such news from the company. Plz give me an update on the new model of r15 as its mid April nw and the rumors has started from January.

    • I own an R15 but i am looking for a bigger machine. Do you have any idea whether the R6 will be released anytime soon. They were deliberating 2011 but I have heard Yamaha isn’t releasing it this year. The Hyosung 650R has caught my eye, but I’d much rather wait if the R6 is in the offing.. Any news?

    • Its Coming in First Week of JUNE

      • June first week is over. when it comes

        • Yamah R15 is too slow..no mid range grunt,only for top end acceleration..WHich will not help..fZ16 and Fazer 150 are quicker..

          Torque is seriously missing on this bike…Hill rides are hell rideson R15…

  12. New Yamaha r15 released date : 21th Sep 2011

  13. hey the new model of yamaha r15 is probably gonna launch by the end of this month (august 2011)…and the new modifications will be a rear fatter tyre and all new colors with all new graphics ……NO SPLIT SEAT OR ANYTHING ELSE……i booked r15 on 11th july but the bike wos not available yet….today i got the call from that yamaha dealer that the new model is gonna launch in the market by the end of this month(August 2011)…and the price will be more by 2k or 3k……

  14. and all the existing colors have been stopped……….due to itz new launch

  15. Hey guys i have booked the old r15 2weeks back :(
    Is it true that new r15 is going to be released by end of this month ??

  16. its releasing on 6th september officialy,, posted in the yamaha official webpage and probably rates wont decrease and chances r there to b even increasement,,,, but the machine is really cool…. check out its leaked images……………. YAMAHA ROCKS

  17. Yamaha R15 v2 released on 6th september. Priced 1.19 lakhs,mumbai. Cheers.

  18. whats the changes in old R15 & new R15 yzf.
    like Price, Shape, mileage, and advance features in yzf.

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