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Top Vehicles of the Year 2011

Mahindra Centuro: Review and Test...

  • As already brimmed with the word “Centuro” in the initial week of Jan 2013, specifically alongside the launch of Pantero, Mahindra had now launched the same, but had not revealed the prices which it soon may give out the aspiring numbers in early days of July. However, nothing had affected us due to the pricing being kept undercover, but [...]

Bajaj Discover 100T: Review

  • VEHICLE SUMMARY Name:    Discover 100T Type:   Commuter Top Speed:    100kph Fuel Consumption:   75 kms/litre Price:  Rs. 50,500 (approx) Bajaj has recently launched their premium 100cc motor bike, the first to roll out from under the Bajaj Group in India. It has been named Discover 100T. This has come as an imminent challenge [...]

Aprilia Mana 850 GT ABS: Review

  • Motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the world are a fan of naked sportbikes. They are icons of freedom and power that come with a user-friendly functionality and masculine appeal. What the Italians did is, they added touring abilities on the motorcycle while still holding back its naked sports soul. Though it is pretty much the same as the previous [...]

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS: Test ride

  • Bajaj automakers are going all guns blazing this winter, and have begun the New Year with some pomp!  The auto manufacturers are pulling all strings to jump start the year racing ahead of their competitors. Who knew Bajaj would have so many tricks up their sleeves to outplay the others. In this article before delving headlong into reviewing [...]

2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200NS –...

  • It’s finally here! This was the day the bike lovers of India were eagerly waiting for in the past two years. Today Bajaj lifted the curtains off its next-gen Pulsar, which it now calls the Pulsar 200NS. The new Pulsar is a 200cc (199.5cc to be exact) bike. The engine of the Pulsar 200NS is a liquid-cooled 199.5cc four-valve carbureted [...]

Review: The Ducati Monster 795

  • Seems Ducati has finally realized the true potential of the Indian market. After all these years of shying away from marketing products in the Indian market, Ducati will finally be launching itself in a big way with its iconic Monster model. Pretty soon bikers in India, given the have the necessary monetary muscle to back them up, will get [...]

Hero Impulse- Off-roading gets...

  • Introduction A couple of days ago, we did see a small preview on Hero Maestro. Now, we go ahead and see what the Hero Impulse has to offer. To note, Hero Maestro and Hero Impulse are the two new bikes launched by Hero MotoCorp at a celebrity-filled event in London. Hero did unveil their new logo too. This marks a different era for Hero as [...]

Bike Comparison

Bajaj Pulsar AS200 vs Pulsar 220 – Spec Comparison

Gushy winds, wavy hair, leather jacket, cool sunglass, half-open helmet, high-ankle boots, winding road, and a trusted cruiser – defines a picturesque cruising moment. Bajaj Pulsar aiming not very distant from the said frame of riding a perfect cruiser, launched the 200AS to augment a conversation [...]

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 vs KTM RC200 vs Honda CBR250R: Spec Comparison

The ‘style’ comes from ‘fairing’, and Bajaj knows it very well, sold a number of bikes partly faired; Pulsar 220, Discover 150F are some of them. Now, its turn to take its chance towards the segment that is fully-faired and mimics a sport-machine, of which some of them actually are; this Pune [...]

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 vs Pulsar 200NS: Spot The Differences

The launch of Pulsar RS200 marked a new account of Bajaj in the script of its biking enthusiasm. One must say this was a great achievement for a maker that had graduated to this level from an old-school scooter called Chetak. But this isn’t the only attempt of Bajaj Auto Limited for the so-called street [...]

Benelli TNT25 vs KTM Duke 200: Specifications Comparison

Packing power in quarter-litre or a lower displacement is a one of the hill-climbing tasks in industry, where engineers also needed to look after the cost and are bound to deliver maximum features and streaks for the practicality. Though, overcoming all of them and delivering the best to earn bread and [...]

Spec Differences Between KTM Duke 390 And RC390

KTM RC390 and Duke 390 thoughtfully are the same bikes added with the fairing for many of the untrained eyes, but believably they are two different bikes if compared seriously from a professional perspective. The Duke 390 is designed for the urban commuter which involves the ease in clocking maximum [...]

Bike Reviews

Mahindra Gusto Test Ride

Where there are people there is rush, where there is wind there is gush, and where it is Mahindra there is a “gust”. The much awaited automatic scooter “Gusto” of this Indian auto maker has finally made its debut, speaking of which, the benchmark in the segment has notched up quite severely. [...]

DSK-Benelli BN302 Review, First Impression

Just to brief how the things are growing up in the 300-400cc segment, the segment leader KTM Duke 390 has always maintained an upper hand over the rest. But the matter doesn’t always settle in the market, when the demand keeps ringing newbies continues to demeanour. And yet to captivate that thrill [...]

Mahindra Gusto Comprehensive Review, First Impression

Nothing can restrain anyone to become a leader, but the player also has to go through the plight of an underdog before making to grand success. Hence, in the automatic scooter segment Honda Activa is unbeaten throughout. But there are several ones who raise their heads up every now and then, and move [...]

Bajaj Discover 150F Test Ride And Review

Discover’s discovery of Bajaj started all the way back in 2004, and since over a decade it has risen to an all new level. Number of variants rolled-out and still more to come. The bike we tested this weekend was the biggest Discover of all time – the Discover 150F. Don’t be fooled by the same styling [...]

Bajaj Discover 150F Review, First Impression

With a great discovery this time, the Pune based bike maker launched its commuter friendly bike Bajaj Discover with a bigger displacement of 150cc. Called as Discover 150F (half faired) and standard Discover 150S (naked), the new bike is rolled out to give a commuter an additional dose of excitement [...]
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